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Welcome to Erik Hoel AS. Here you’ll find all relevant information about the services we offer.

We appreciate being contacted. Your ideas are our challenge and together we will find the best solutions.

Through serious suppliers and quality conscious customers, we have found the collaborators we wish to have. We invest safely in every stage – quality above cheap solutions.

Satisfied customers,
our guarantee

By appearing as a professional player in a market where there are many competitors, we have managed to maintain good customer relations all the way. This means that our experience are constantly being challenged.

We are happy for the trust both customers and suppliers have shown us underway. Stable assignments proves that we have wagered right along the way, on investments of new knowledge and methods. That we have chosen to cooperate with the right suppliers and others involved. For us, this is a clue in a market where competitors are ever increasing; that it is useful to deliver quality at the right price.

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we are advisors throughout the whole process

About us

50 years and just as pliant

In production facilities of 1500 sq.m. at Klokkarstua in Hurum municipal you’ll find us, plastics manufacturer Erik Hoel AS. We are a total supplier of services in plastic molding, and produce plastic articles for companies in the entire country, also some abroad. We are 6 employees divided into three deparments; toolmaking, design department and foundry.

Some of the reason we are still here after 50 years is our pliability towards the customers, and the ability to turn around quickly. Through cooperation with the customer we find more solutions and opportunities than problems and obstacles.

Our long experience has given us broad experience and unique expertise. We also know that without our innovative ability, we would no longer have existed as a company. In the autumn of 2007 we invested in new casting presses, which gives us a greater range in production possibilities than many of our competitors have, when we can make cast sizes from 1 gram to 1.8 kilos.

The boys of the 60s

Plastic is a synthetic material (synthetic organic material) which is made through polymerization. Plastic can be molded into fibers or in films, and has many applications, from industry to everyday things like bowls or clothes.

Plastics were developed in the early 1900s, and production methods improved much over the century, especially after World War II and the development of the oil industry. Today, we have hardly any restrictions on applications. Everything from simple constructions to advanced designs is done in the plastic industry.

The boys of the 60s - Erik Hoel AS

Quality policy in Erik Hoel AS

It is Erik Hoel AS’s policy to develop, produce and deliver products, and services that are of such quality that we deserve to win the customers full trust. This means that we wish to put the customer in focus in our quality system. All internal and external processes are customer focused.

We shall achieve this, by knowing that we have to:

  • have a quality system that satisfies the requirements in ISO 9001-2015
  • have quality work on the agenda, and focus on quality objectives in all parts of the company
  • have employees and suppliers involved in a way that ensures understanding, identification and execution of our quality work
  • ensure that all production is in compliance with regulatory requirements – customer requirements and authorities
  • make sure to maintain focus on continuous improvement
  • safeguard our focus on the importance of good EHS-work in the company
  • take care of the environment and not pollute

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Lansering av ny sprinkelstopper

New self-developed sprinkler stopper

We are now launching our new sprinkler stopper with a more contemporary design. It is smaller and more flexible, as well as more efficient, and reduces water masses at triggered sprinkler systems by approx. 90%. Click here to order or read…


Erik Hoel

Erik Hoel

Manager / CEO

+47 934 46 557

Preben Landehagen

Preben Landehagen


Johnny Nerhagen

Johnny Nerhagen

Project manager / product designer

+47 917 01 734

Roar Solstrand

Roar Solstrand

Tool maker / workshop

+47 950 03 232

John Gabrielsen

John Gabrielsen

Logistics / production

Trine Hoel

Trine Hoel


Morten Hjerpaasen

Morten Hjerpaasen


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